Speech: Bomaderry ATM

Speech: Bomaderry ATM Main Image

10 September 2019

Mrs PHILLIPS (Gilmore) (13:29): After all the shocks and sadness we have recently heard throughout the banking royal commission, I am sad to say that the Commonwealth Bank does not seem to have changed its attitude towards its social responsibilities. This is the same bank that made an $8.6 billion profit last year, and the community is rightly angry at the cruel corporate decision to close the ATM at Bomaderry on the New South Wales South Coast. This ATM was the only 24-hour ATM service available in Bomaderry. It was located at the end of the train line, where commuters must have access to cash outside business hours to use public transport. Elderly people and those with a disability were also dependent on this service as their primary source of cash.

I wrote to the CEO of the bank to implore him to reverse this heartless decision. In my letter, I outlined the social consequences for my community of the decision he has made, and I invited him to attend a community meeting in Bomaderry to hear from locals about how this impacts on them. I was extremely disappointed that my offer was refused and that the bank has decided not to face up to the consequences. It is very easy for banks to put their own interests before that of the community, without fully considering how this will impact on those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. Hundreds of people have signed my petition calling on the Commonwealth Bank to save this ATM, and I stand with them. I urge the Commonwealth Bank to reconsider my offer to meet with the community, or, even better [reverse it's decision to close the ATM]— (Time expired)