Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) Grants Round

Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) Grants Round  Main Image

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) is providing funding under the Tackling Tough Times program, which gives regional drought affected communities, such as Gilmore the opportunity to access funds that benefit their immediate and long-term needs. Grants are available for grassroots, community-led initiatives that directly benefit local communities.

This program is designed to provide flexible funding to support community-based activities that both help to relieve current stressors and symptoms, and most importantly, build capacity and resilience for the future. Funds could also support activities that engage your local community in being proactive, exploring options and creating something that will stand the test of tough times.

Three streams of grants are available: 

  1. Up to $20,000 - Projects to be finalised within 18 months of approval;
  2. Up to $60,000: Projects to be finalised within 18 months of approval;
  3. Up to $150,000: Applications for this tier are by Expression of Interest. Multi-year projects (up to three years) are welcomed. Projects that deliver long-term community benefits are highly regarded.

The objectives of the program are to: 

  1. Reduce social isolation by facilitating strong social cohesion and connection;
  2. Support and engage the community in leadership development and skills training;
  3. Support opportunities for social and educational participation and address disadvantage caused by the drought, for children and young people;
  4. Reduce volunteer fatigue and build the capacity, capability and sustainability of local not-for-profit organisations to provide support to their communities, particularly where they are playing an increased role during the drought; and
  5. Support local economic recovery or renewal through projects that stimulate economic activity and cash-flow within communities.

The TTTT program accepts applications any time. Current round applications must be received by 5pm AEDT, Thursday 24 October 2019. Expressions of Interest in the $150,000 tier must be received by 5pm AEST, Tuesday 10 September 2019. 

following applications will be prioritised:
  • Projects initiated and delivered by local community groups;
  • Organisations that do not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Tax status.

Who can apply?

  • Not-for-profit community-based organisations from drought affected communities across rural, regional and remote Australia where funds support projects and activities that offer clear public benefit (i.e. are for a charitable purpose) and address a need in the community (see What Can be Funded below);
  • Organisations with an ABN or Incorporation Certificate; 
  • Organisations with and without DGR endorsement; 
  • An organisation is eligible to submit one application per grant round.

Projects funded in this round should be undertaken between February 2020 and August 2021, or as agreed in multi-year projects. Projects cannot be funded retrospectively.

Project Eligibility

Costs that can be considered include:

  • Delivering activities, programs and services;
  • Purchasing or hiring equipment and materials;
  • Community infrastructure projects;
  • Art, drama and creative expression projects to assist people to creatively express their experiences, which are otherwise limited due to the drought;
  • Experiences for school children such as camps that connect young people and provide an opportunity to have fun with other young people off-farm.

Operational and administrative costs associated with your project will be considered. This could include wages, paying a skilled contractor, or paying for overhead costs incurred in the project’s delivery.


Applications and guidelines

For further information refer to the guidelines or visit the website.

If you have any questions about your organisation’s eligibility, please call FRRR on freecall 1800 170 02

Submissions are ongoing. Refer to the website as there are different tiers and rounds of funding.

Round 20 Applications close  Thursday, 25 February 2021

Round 21 Applications close Monday, 24 May 2021