James Frizelle Charitable Foundation Grants

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The James Frizelle Charitable Foundation is providing undisclosed grants to community organisations across a various streams of funding. These grants are to support those who have contributed to the community but may have unfortunately through no fault of their own, fallen on hard times and can no longer speak for themselves.


An eligible organisation must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 status.

Expression of Interest will be sufficient for Grassroots Grants – up to $25,000. Significant Grants are those $25,000 and over and will require completion of a Formal Application when requested.

Grant Streams

Mental Health Grants: to provide support on the street for professional counselling where needed, to support schools with programs that address mental health issues as part of their education process and PTSD support which may also include assistance dogs/equine/animal interaction programs.

Community Health Grants: A Provision of health care services to those not necessarily cared for in the private or public system, particularly the special needs of senior citizens. To include promotion of a healthy lifestyle, eating well and assistance in recovery from illness.

Disadvantaged Grants: To provide support for those in the community, in particular the aged and infirm, facing physical or mental disability who are from low income backgrounds and lacking the financial resources to seek help from other sources. To support those projects that are inclusive of those with a disability providing services for others. Supporting the provision of food services to disadvantaged families. Supporting the provision of assistance dogs, equine and animal programs that provide independence, self-esteem, improved health and relationships to individuals and families.

Domestic Violence Grants: To assist those (victims and witnesses which are often children) who are experiencing domestic and family violence and to encourage those responsible to become accountable for their actions and commit to change. Our support also extends to the elderly suffering psychological and emotional abuse and any other form of elder abuse. To raise awareness in the community that domestic violence in any form is not acceptable.

Homelessness Grants: To support those, particularly the elderly and frail without regular accommodation and facilities to help maintain their dignity by providing emotional support and counselling, temporary accommodation, health services, financial counselling, laundry services, meals, shower facilities and any other service that assists to improve their quality of life.

Housing and Accommodation Grants: Providing housing and accommodation to the disadvantaged, sick, parents from remote communities who need to be near a sick immediate family member whilst in hospital and spouses with children who have become homeless following domestic issues. This program also includes support with transport services for the ill and their families, particularly those living in rural communities

Natural Disaster Grants: All types of natural disaster relief will be considered including support of the volunteer brigades called upon in times of need particularly during fires and floods. Consideration is also given in this program to natural disasters occurring beyond the geographical boundaries normally supported.


For further information about the grant and applications refer to the James Frizelle Charitable Foundation website. You can also contact my office with queries on 4423 1782 or email [email protected]

Expressions of interest are open 1 August 2020 and close 30 September 2020.