The Commonwealth Bank has made a ruthless decision to close the only ATM in Bomaderry. Another example of a bank putting profit before people.

The Commonwealth Bank puts profits before people again.


Points to note:

1. CBA profit last finical year was $8.6 Billion

2. CBA closed the only ATM in Bomaderry on 15 August 2019


The Commonwealth Bank has announced the closure of the ATM in Meroo Street, Bomaderry, opposite the train station, effective from Thursday 15 August 2019.

ATM services in Bomaderry are limited and this decision will mean many local residents will be forced to travel across the bridge to make withdrawals, resulting in increased travel costs, limiting access to banking and inconveniencing many.

“Closing the ATM in Meroo Street won’t just affect Commonwealth Bank customers. I have received a number of calls from concerned residents, including those who are elderly and have disabilities, who are losing their main source of money, with the nearest ATM some distance away,” Fiona Phillips MP, Member for Gilmore said.

Tell the Commonwealth Bank you're not happy with their decision.

Tell the banks, Bomaderry needs an ATM.