Fiona Phillips

South Coast children saved from loss of dental scheme

Thousands of children across the South Coast will continue to receive access to dental services as a result of persistent lobbying by Labor during the federal election campaign and tough negotiations in Parliament last week.



That’s because Labor stood up against Mr Turnbull’s plan to force over five million children onto long public dental waiting lists by opposing the Government’s proposal to axe the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Labor spokesperson for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips said: “Labor has protected the Child Dental Benefits Scheme by removing it from the Omnibus legislation”.

“It was absolutely incredible that Ms Sudmalis and her Liberal Government could even consider giving massive tax cuts for big business while cutting basic dental services for children”, Fiona said.

“I lobbied hard on this issue during the federal election, visiting and talking with local dentists and parents who told me how important this scheme is for preventative dental care”, Fiona continued.

“Labor has ensured that children will be able to access dental care”, Fiona said.

“Around 10,000 families in the Gilmore electorate are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme so the local impact of this backdown is significant”, Fiona continued.

“If Labor hadn’t taken this stand, children in Gilmore would have been pushed off onto the public dental waiting list which would have seen them waiting for months, for simple preventative dental care”, Fiona said.

“Labor understands that it’s fundamental to keep faith with commitments to budget repair, but to do so in such a way which doesn’t increase inequality or that punishes those who can least afford it”, Fiona continued.  

“In Government, Labor established the Child Dental Benefit Scheme in response to alarming evidence about the oral health of Australian children. The Child Dental Benefit Scheme provides eligible children with up to $1,000 in dental services every two years, with a strong focus on preventative care”, Fiona concluded.



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