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A Shorten Labor Government will reverse Liberal cuts to emergency relief and provide a much needed funding top up to organisations delivering these services in the South Coast.

Relief organisations do important work in supporting those who have nowhere else to turn, especially women and children by providing immediate financial assistance or basic resources like food. But they are increasingly stretched and need more resources.

A bungled grant process by the Morrison Government will see many emergency relief services lose their funding at the end of the year.

Labor’s plan for emergency relief will see cuts reversed for the following organisations delivering services in the South Coast or provide a needed funding boost over the next four years.

  • $21,000 for Southern Youth and Family Services Limited
  • $588,000 for Anglican Community services
  • $181,000 for Mission Australia
  • $317,000 for Wesley Community Services limited

Labor will also provide a $3,053,000 nationwide boost to the Salvation Army to provide emergency relief including for services in Nowra.

Many Australians are falling through the cracks. Labor will make sure our charities have the resources they need to support our fellow Australians, especially children.

Labor is calling on the Government to reverse cuts to emergency relief organisations, ensuring communities have the services they need.

Labor will provide a $40 million investment over four years from the Banking Fairness fund to fund emergency relief organisations across the country. This will reverse Government cuts and top up funding, ensuring vulnerable people continue to have access to vital services.

This is all a part of Labors plan to support Australians in financial hardship.

Labor will double the number of financial counsellors across the country supporting people who are in a debt spiral.

Labor will expand the financial rights legal assistance sector from 40 lawyers to 240 lawyers to help fight against bank misconduct.

Labor will expand low-cost alternatives to pay day loans for low-income Australians, providing safe and fair credit options when things get tough.

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