Fiona Phillips

About Fiona


I'm a local mum of four, a former TAFE Teacher and have been married to my husband, a tradie, for 21 years.

I have a degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Business, and have worked in a range of jobs including retail, defence & teaching.

I was born in Nowra and raised on a dairy farm at Terara, I have lived in the area for most of my life - with family dairy farming origins dating back to 1856 at Broughton Vale and Jaspers Brush.

I now live at Callala where I'm raising my teenage children with my husband.

My first involvement in politics was during 2009, when I stepped up to lead the difficult but successful six year community campaign to save Nowra's community pool. By October 2015, the new Nowra Aquatic Park was opened for the first time, rebuilt as part of a revitalised riverfront for our community. 

This campaign showed me how important it is to work hard to make a difference in our community, and it's something I want to continue to do.

My kids are growing up, and like every other local young person, they need education and work opportunities that just aren't there. When I've been teaching, I've seen so many young talented people end up moving away or getting stuck in a cycle of unemployment. When I look around the district I see people struggling to make ends meet, over crowded hospitals, older people not getting the respect or care they deserve. Infrastructure in disrepair. It feels like we've been forgotten. It feels like the government is too busy focused on their big business mates to remember what we need here on the South Coast.

That's why I'm running for parliament. We've been forgotten for too long and I want to make our community a better place to live.

So my message is simple: I’m on your side.

I hope that in the lead up to the election, I’ll convince you of this, and earn your support to represent you in the Federal Parliament.