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  • signed Batemans Bay needs a Medicare MRI 2018-12-16 01:57:57 +1100
    For gods sake give us a large regional hospital to cover the south east as we are causing problems for Act hospitals it is no laughing matter when we get seriously ill to be transported hundreds of kilometres to get specialist treatment . How many will have to die wanting for better treatment? We need better hospitals before bigger and better stadiums get your priorities right you mongrel politicians think of the people for a change and not how you can benefit your own selfish selves . Just one M R I machine is a start a major hospital to go with it would be more logical.

    Batemans Bay needs a Medicare MRI


    MRI scans are life saving and expensive. Patients can be out of pocket by $400 a scan. To get access to a Medicare funded MRI scan patients must travel to Bega, Canberra or Nowra. That’s too expensive and too far.

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    Labor will provide a Medicare MRI licence to Batemans Bay, so locals can get the health services we need. Show your support for the campaign by signing our petition and call on the Liberals to match Labor’s plan.

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